The spirit of Sans Souci

Busy lives mean that we often have every moment accounted for. Our schedules of work, our pick up and drop off times, even social events are often slated for a timeframe… bouncing between brunch and play dates, traffic plays havoc with our carefully crafted plans, as we all pile in and out of the car.

Modern Life seems to stretch families to the limit, so many commitments, so little time…. as we all pile in and out of the car.

“Sans Souci” is a French phrase, which translates to “without a care” or, in Aussie terms means “No Worries”. The original Sanssouci Palace was the summer retreat of Frederick the Great of Prussia and is located in Potsdam, just outside of Berlin. Frederick, a great patron of the Arts and Philosophy, required a private residence away from the pomp and ceremony of the Berlin Court, where he could enjoy a quieter and more intimate space, closer to nature and suited to relaxing and entertaining guests.