Imagine the perfect holiday

Imagine a day where you have sat unhurried with your family, involving yourself in the rhythmic activity of baiting, casting and waiting. Helping your child land their first catch, you can release your fish and watch it swim to freedom, or if reaching legal size, teach your child to prepare their catch for dinner! A world away from supermarket aisles where food is packed and sanitised, experiences such as fishing can help children understand important concepts around sustainability and food sources.

We all learn best through experience, overcoming challenges and fears, mastering a new skill or negotiating unknown territory. Red Rock itself provides a multitude of opportunities to grow and develop for adults and children alike. The natural environment provides much of the backdrop for this, canoe faster and further, negotiate the tides, waves and eddys, swim more confidently, walk further, ride a bike everywhere, climb the rocks, run without puffing. Time provides another necessary component, allowing us to read a book in one sitting, write a letter, nap frequently. Family and friends provide the opportunity to build relationships and cooperative skills.

Calling out “switch” when you want to change the side you are paddling on, doubling each other on a bmx, playing a board game, sharing a noodle floating down the river, building immense sandcastles.

Further afield, new experiences can be found by going horse-riding, white water rafting, go-karting, golfing, sailing, scuba diving